XRM – Extended CRM Solutions

GMR IT Extended Solutions, or xRM, allow you to build virtually any type of CRM solution, tailored specifically to your business. xRM combines the flexibility and functionality of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform with Business Solutions’s CRM development platform, including extendable and reusable CRM components.

The result is the ability to create custom CRM solutions at a fraction of the cost and development time. In fact, our xRM solutions reduce infrastructure development work by 80%. So you can quickly reap the rewards of highly capable and flexible solutions that drive real business results.

GMR IT Business Solutions’ has used xRM to develop a number of extended solutions ready for deployment:

    • Health care Management

    • Case Management

    • Retail

    • Customer service management

    • Contact Management

    • The possibilities are endless. For instance, GMR IT Business Solutions xRM makes it simple to build a problem management solution for your help desk. Perhaps you need a vendor relationship system that integrates seamlessly with your enterprise systems. In short, you can shape your CRM platform to fit every facet, operation and nuance of your business and its customer relationships.

    • The ability to support your specific business processes and needs through complete CRM development tools and approach.

    • Greater speed of delivery than a customized CRM solution, along with lower costs and risks, by using reusable CRM components.

    • Out-of- the-box and maintained solutions for supporting specific business processes such as accountability management.

    • Learn more about GMR IT Business Solutions’s Extended Solutions and how you can use our xRM approach and technology to cost-effectively build custom CRM solutions that meet your unique business requirements.

XRM – Extended CRM Solutions